Monday 16 June 2014

Progress. Kinda.

Recently the below email was sent to HCC Highways and Cllr Thacker:

Dear HCC Highways team, Cllr Thacker,

As you are aware for the last two years we have been battling to get the HA to do something about the Tufton intersection. Even the direct intervention of Sir George Young was fobbed off with lies about 'watchmen', which we now know (through an FOI request) do not do anything regarding driver behaviour or risk.

But I then realised: the section of road in question - the two-lane 60MPH end of Winchester Road - is under HCC control. The fact that it is the HA sliproad funnelling traffic too fast and in the wrong lane onto HCC's area of responsibility is by the by.

I would therefore like to know: What is HCC going to do about traffic heading the wrong way in the Tufton-bound lane under the A34? and what is HCC going to do about traffic failing to turn right into Nun's Walk and instead proceeding onto the HA sliproad, again in the wrong direction?

Good news! The following response has now been received from HCC Highways:

Hello Mr Stead and Cllr Thacker,

I have been discussing the slip road exit with colleagues from the County Council Safety Audit team, to see if there are any low cost improvements we can make. We have come up with a few ideas to make the no entry signs and hatched area more prominent. These are intended to help prevent vehicles going up the off slip and prevent vehicles driving over the hatched area on the exit to the off slip. The current plan is to complete these changes during the current financial year.

These low cost measures only consist of repositioning signs and additional carriageway markings on County Council managed highway. The real long term solution involves a scheme down the length of the slip road which is managed by the Highway Agency.

When we have suitable plan I am happy to forward it on.


Team Leader - Traffic Management (North) Highways, Traffic & Transport Hampshire County Council

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  1. Don't believe them! Keep pushing until you get what you want.


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