Thursday 30 August 2012

The Footpath to nowhere...

This reply just in from HCC Traffic Management Team, in respect of the request to relocate the 'no stopping' sign to allow people to walk or cycle safely without resorting to the 60MPH sliproad:

"The existing sign you refer to is in unmade verge and not in a formal footway and therefore it shouldn’t require moving as cyclist should not use the existing uneven verge but use the carriageway as cycling on any footway  as you mention, would be illegal.  Whilst I appreciate the verge area may be used by pedestrians who may come from the adjacent Right of Way path from Tufton and even the bus stop located near the A34 bridge, I would not encourage this area to be used by any pedestrians as it is not an area that has been identified or clearly set out as a "footway" and therefore people do so at their own risk.  Whilst people will most often choose the shortest or most direct (not always safest) route to their destination, this is most likely why the verge area is showing wear of foot traffic and from my observation, even vehicle traffic"


So let's be clear here: what HCC are recommending is that instead of walking past the sign on the southern side of the road to get to/from Tufton, the bus stop or Whitchurch, that residents not use this 'shortest or most direct (not always safest) route'.

(Remembering, it was HCC who approved and built the 500m-long footpath from the 40MPH boundary of Whitchurch to the A34 underpass. Was this built simply to facilitate people who didn't want to get the bus from Whitchurch, who fancied a stroll under the motorway to get the bus there? A bus, it must be added, that only goes back into Whitchurch).

The only alternative HCC seem to be suggesting in the great Tufton-or-Death struggle is to cross a 60MPH sliproad, that has just 2 seconds visibility at typical speeds.     Twice.

I have sought clarification from HCC that this is indeed their preferred option for non-motorised persons to get to/from Tufton. Failing levitation or teleportation, I'm lost for alternatives. Your thoughts welcome below.

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